Contemplation on Needs: What Does One Really Need?


Quick glance around at local hypermarket. I sense a lot of excess people drinking soft drinks, wearing brand clothes, playing with fidgets, etc.

Living in middle of such abundance may make people easily forget that most of this is not very not very well focused with the what they or people close to them need.

I’ve found great joy in reducing a lot of luxury out of my life. Last summer, I also happened to find great joy in trying to travel with as little money as possible. This challenge was fun, a day budget of about 50€ which includes everything in big cities such as Paris and Berlin, was rather interesting. I sense still a lot of many levels for improvement, however from the traveling I’ve used to this was rather cheap way to travel even.

My traveling diet for example was less luxurious than what normally eat. Mostly my breakfasts were just multigrain bread and tomatoes or some other kind of fruit. For lunch I tried to have variety maybe 10€ or smth. For dinner mainly a salad kind of thing and more bread if I was still hungry. Fruits, mostly bananas for snacks through the day.

Living and eating simply, made me happy about simple things. Best of all, after the trip, I began to appreciate many everyday things in a totally new light.

Over the years I’ve been gradually trying to have less and less luxury in my life and I feel like this has been the right way to go. I’ve learned to distinguish better between the needs and wants.

Now even the slice of cheese on top of the bread feels luxury.

Two years ago I dropped the meat and cucumber from top of my bread. Although cucumber is a rather fresh idea that I might get back, the meat thing was a biggie. From my childhood I had learned such a habit to eat some ham or wurst of top of the bread, so I had been following that. After I stopped, I haven’t really wanted it back anyway.

So now I’ve found even new ground, that I don’t really need even the cheese there. Well perhaps nutritionally it would be alright, yet question is also when?

I am beginning to lean towards trying some sort of fasting as well in the future as I’ve grown to understand that it is a wonderful way to start appreciate food and to learn more about my needs.

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