Learning from the Unconscious


To take advantage of human mind, we need to remember the strengths of the mind: creative and associative force, which consists of both the conscious and unconscious elements. We often relate to what we are consciously, although much of our true wealth, spiritual and intellectual comes from the unconscious parts.

Unconscious pushes thoughts, feelings and images to our consciousness, the more we try to repress it, the more frequently and certainly the unconscious will try to communicate those to us. Unconscious mind is too much for mere consciousness to handle, it’s rather complex to process all at once. Yet the relationship between the conscious and unconscious works rather well: unconscious pushes things that seem the most important at a time to the level of consciousness.

When these thoughts, feelings and images from the level of unconscious surface, we should take a time to listen as this will certainly be a clue to help in our own growth.

In addition to listening skill, we need to be open and accepting, because we are learning about ourselves. For our own growth, we need to be able to process all this constructively, if we are not able to do this the thoughts will get repressed again and will appear later even stronger than before and the pattern will repeat until it’s so strong that we need to seek help, which in itself is an advisable on the path of growth. It’s only limited things we can achieve by ourselves, after all.

To summarize, learning from the unconscious takes both listening and acceptance skills, then some constructive reflection and action make the necessary improvements in everyday level.

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