From Suffering to Exhilaration


I’ve figured out that suffering is relative; that if I am suffering now then I just need to remember something more awful in comparison and I am suddenly alright.

During the days there is thin line between the joy and suffering. Often as long as we focus to what happens to us or who said what, we are probably suffering, because we are focusing too much on the external that is outside our control.

We should pay more attention to what is in our control, do that and then learn to find some positives from the present moment. With enough training our minds will find always some positives.

To me one of these positives is often that “things could be worse.” It’s comforting thought, although not very constructive. “Things could be better” is as much right or wrong, and yet it does not help to relieve the mental anguish that often grips me.

Last month I wrote the blog about Hell Yes. It’s about focusing to those things that truly interest us and we are willing to pay the price, the hell yes. If it’s not hell yes it’s no.

I’ve noticed that when I need to resort to the “things could be worse card” I am not really playing into my own hell yes. So something should be done? I don’t think life should be just being grateful just for being here either, although that’s great. Life should be exhilarating, because this experience makes it worth living.

Getting to exhilarating means saying more no to the mediocre. Working harder, and saying yes to the opportunities that really matter to us.

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