Quick Personal Life Audit: Does Your Values and Actions Match?


I’ve noticed there are a lot of people who talk, then there are few people who do.

As in life, this is of course overgeneralization, because there are no absolutes in this sense. Even those who do and have the habit of doing, fail to do so every once in a while. Nobody is perfect.

Sometimes for a person who likes to talk it would be good to be more, doer and vice versa. Certainly. We all should focus to our strengths, and even as these strengths have weaknesses, we shouldn’t obsess over them. Nobody is or can be perfect.

What we can be, is a little better. And how does that happen? Through picking some values that we think are important and then putting those values into action (also known as virtues).

Two questions to know if you are living up to your values:

  • Where are you spending your time?
  • Where are you spending your money?

These two meters tell pretty quickly the story what kind of person you are.  With the time usage you can get really deep and complicated, i.e. what are you doing and what are you getting done during the time? However, in here just the basic glance over the calendar is enough to give some picture. Through honesty you will discover the rest.

With money it’s easier, because numbers tell the tale rather truthfully.

What you value is where your time and money should be!


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