Who Does Emotions Serve?


Emotions are infinitely interesting. When they occur we rarely have time to ponder about them, however when these emotions have passed, we might have a while to consider was it worth it.

One interesting emotion I’ve lately observed is jealousy. What makes this like any other emotion, it’s hard to put in words. This is because emotions are much more deeper in our brains than is our verbal capabilities, “we just feel” this way. I am often wondering what end does jealousy in sense serve?

Same could be applied to any “negative” emotion. Mostly positive emotions are not a problem for, even though those might be when we are avoiding action for example.

With the case of jealousy, it’s not particularly good emotion to feel. Still it’s important to recognize, accept and maybe find the deeper why. Through the deeper understanding I might find clues how to live a life happier and more focused to what works rather than that of perceiving others as having more or competing over limited resources.

Growth is a process and any growth involves confronting emotions. In time we learn better and better recognize and handle these emotions.

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