Remember Your Strengths


Having some time for myself on this fine Saturday has reminded me of the joy of thinking and reading. And through these actions I’ve also remembered the joy of writing as well.

Through this reading – thinking – writing process, I began to ponder upon my strengths once again. I couldn’t really recall or clarify them at once. Then I remembered the Clifton Strengthfinder test that I did I guess two years ago?

Upon diving in to the Strengthfinder material again, I review my top seven strengths. Although the actual five are considered signature strengths, I’ve noticed that my top five come only from two categories: relationship building and strategic thinking.

If I would consider leadership, then these would be clearly lower priorities than for example execution and influence.

So therefore I’ve wanted to find strengths that are also from these categories. And voilà as my seventh strength I find self-assurance, and when I read the description of this strength as lesser talent something hits the spot: “Reaffirm your strengths. Your Signature Themes (top five) are your power. Claim them. Post your Signature Themes in a place where you will look every day. This will not only serve as a reminder of your talents, but it will also generate discussion that will reinforce your talents.”

In order not to forget, I shall post these here:

1    Connectedness

2    Intellection

3    Strategic

4    Learner

5    Relator

6    Arranger

7    Self-Assurance

I can warmly recommend the Clifton Strengthfinder 2.0 to recognize your strengths. Gallup and Tom Rath have done such wonderful job writing the book Strengthfinder 2.0.

Idea and framework behind the Strengthfinder comes from positive psychology. Tom Rath’s other books Are You Fully Charged and How Full is Your Bucket? Among others compliment this thinking very well. Tom’s books are among my favorites in building more energized, more meaningful lives.

Another, more accessible way to strengths would be then your own introspection or if recalling the feedback of others.

Important thing is however, to remember your strengths and live the life from your strengths.

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