Give Up Wants and Find Out How Little You Need



One of the authors I’ve been fascinated with past year and half has been Neil Pasricha. Especially the wisdom of positive psychology what he has summarized very well in his book the Happiness Equation: “Happy people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything. Be happy first.”

In life you get what you are willing to give up. You always get something you really need in turn for what you are willing to give up. It takes a lot of humility and also presence. Often when things happen quickly, our minds have tendency to cling on then our capacity to prioritize and on to give up is also measured.

If we really try, how much we are willing to sacrifice for our wants? What we truly want to get accomplished, we can, but what price we are willing to pay? Those with a true purpose, mission or calling know this intuitively: they are willing to give up much for something greater story.

We all have the capacity to delay the gratifications of lower level needs, for the higher level gratification. For what story are you delaying gratification? What story is worth the sacrifice?

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