Thoughts About Doing “Good” Deeds


One of the most useful beliefs I’ve stumbled upon is when you do good deeds, good things happens to you.

This sentence has good intentions. Yet in everyday life it falls fairly insufficient, because the content of the “good” is so different with people with different values.

When faced with choice I am contemplating the dilemma that, should I do what is good for them from my value system or theirs? Well in the end I don’t think that the personal values are any value if I am willing to be flexible on them, so that’s why I choose my own values. I do what I believe to be good to other people.

The moral responsibility comes with it. Often times, I’ve hard to time putting my lot thought values into words. Yet each time I face such situation I do my best and at least after that situation I can finally craft a right way to say for the next time.

Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world.” That resonates very deeply within me.

They also say that “road to hell is paved with good intentions.” This is good to keep in mind when it comes to values, virtues and good intentions. Most importantly we should be able to reconsider who do these values serve? Even personal values can change. Smart people are willing to consider the change even, when they learn that such change would be necessary for the benefit of the greater picture.

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