Your Perceived Limits Expand When You Do What You Can Do


Making your dream come true happens a one step at a time. If it’s ever going to happen, it’s going to happen step by step. Make the determination to take the step to the direction today, then continue tomorrow and keep going.

Today I realized that that the perceived limits shift all the time. If we take the step today, then the boundary is pushed away just a little bit. However, on the other hand if we do not attempt to take the step forward, instead we just keep repeating the same as yesterday, then our perceived limits already start to shrink a tiny bit. And if we do not do at all, then the shrinking really accelerates each day.

Where are your perceived limits? What are you doing to challenge them?

When we chip away at our dreams by doing a step at a time, it allows ourselves to develop in many ways and most importantly push the perceived limits much further than we thought was possible.

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