Harness the Emotional Energy


I am fascinated by energy, especially the human energy.

Positive people have positive energy. Mostly it starts with thinking habits: it’s just easier to be happy when you find reasons to smile. These habits starts with how we experience life.

By default setting I am rather pessimistic. Therefore I’ve learned to separate my thoughts and emotions from my personality. I am mindful that I am not my thoughts or emotions. Furthermore after this I’ve trained my thinking to notice the positive more. I have been writing journal for eight years and past seven I’ve had the “daily top love” –part in my journal where I write down at least three awesome things about the day. Most often I find more than three and really there is no limit.

I think much of the life is how we experience and choose to respond to it. Emotions are energy, how do we handle emotions?

All emotions have in the end the potential to be transformed into something positive and constructive emotion. While all are not nice, they certainly do not last for very long either.

Be the CEO or Chief Emotional Officer of your life and make sure your emotional energy is working for you.

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