Today’s Lesson: You Are Your Own Bliss or Bane

I keep today’s blog as short learning experience and reminder, because today is mostly about action.

Taking the first step is nervebreaking for me. Meeting people for the first time, entering new social circle. Even in existing cases sometimes my mind starts to sabotage my conscious efforts by inventing all kinds of unsupportive narratives.

Dealing with these unsupportive narratives requires mindfulness and often mental preparation as well. Today I entered into Salsa dance intensive which is totally new experience for me: I don’t have any dancing experience or self-concept as a musically adept person. However I’ve determination to learn and I’ve made decision to challenge myself earlier. I got attracted to Salsa because of the energy, I feel like I have a lot to learn from there. On the other side I also feel like it would be an outlet to spend my own energy and desire for dance.

Sounds perfect? Well with one days experience it was awesome. Yet my inner dialogue could have very well prevented me from trying. Even at the last moments my inner dialogue would have wanted me to stay mute and not to say hi to anyone. Often based on my previous experiences this then leads to the desire to flee.

This time that didn’t happen. I felt safe. Reasons for this are many. I feel that my preparation had a part to do with it. Most importantly my realization just before I entered the building: measure of my success is my own development.

This summarizes very well that all life we should compare ourselves to ourselves, not to anybody else.

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