World is as Wide and Abundant Place as are Our Beliefs About It


 World is enormous. Even collectively, we know very limited amount of it in quantity of factual knowledge. What do you think this means for individual?

Have you had time to read and study every book ever written, then memorize at least the key lessons of it?

I assume no, and it’s alright. My point is merely that to make up this gap of all knowledge every acquired collectively and between ourselves, we rely on beliefs.

Literally individuals’ sense of the reality is very limited. This makes our beliefs hit off the mark. Therefore the greatest gift you can do for yourself is to start calibrating your beliefs and the sense of reality. You can do this for example testing are they really right by taking small manageable risks.

In 2009 when I finally decided to make something more lasting change in my life I decided to try some new beliefs. I picked up the core from especially Buddhist philosophy, beliefs about the nature of suffering. I began to ponder about the Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path. These became tools for me to understand better the difference between correlation and causation. When I combined this understanding with the practice of meditation, for first time ever I started having something that was in my control. I could now process my experiences in some meaningful fashion and through practice of meditation I could actually find enough peace to try again next day.

Through starting to living we gain the experience, and then we can adjust our sense of reality based on that experience. In my case it was rather having so poor sense of reality that I hardly tried. However as I said earlier, world is as wide and abundant place as are our beliefs about it.

We may never have a perfect sense of reality; however we may have better sense of reality. When we reach this point we can help others to rise above their level of beliefs, by pointing out everything that is within their reach, especially when they do not see it themselves. This is probably the greatest gift you can do to anyone:  to treat them with the potential they’ve to become.

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  1. What a great line: “We may never have a perfect sense of reality; however we may have better sense of reality.” I think that sums it up perfectly — not that we can have a better sense of reality — but that we may.

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