The Purpose of Life


As conscious beings, we can raise above, for example the biological purpose of life which is just merely to reproduce. With consciousness we have to ability to improve our run through the life and challenge ourselves to live through the virtues. We can in fact start delivering others people what they need in more abundant quantities than it was possible.

While short term gratification patterns are easy to fall into, they lose their gratification and meaning quickly due to the law of diminishing returns.

The other side of the coin is long-term gratification which is quite opposite. It takes conscious effort to stay on the path and the gratification may not never happen, however once it starts to happen it’s rather surprising and always abundant feeling experience.

With the ability to rise above our biological programming combined with the long term gratification, therefore we should aim to fulfill the needs of others at higher levels and for the longer periods of time. When we aim to do this, we are not only challenging ourselves to grow for the others, but others as well.

Life is really short time, therefore we should put effort into most of it and see what we can really achieve there.

Most of the suffering in fact is caused by the lost opportunities and regret. The rest is mainly boredom. These both are avoided, when we are willing to put the effort in each moment to life and fulfilling the purpose.



More on the purpose of life and fulfilling that purpose coming up on the following days, stay tuned.


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