Achieving Security in Uncertainty

Life is uncertain. This is exciting if you learn to be opportunistic in a healthy way. By this I mean the mentality and capacity to take advantage of what happens in life due to uncertainty.

First step to take advantage of everything that happens in life means accepting that anything might happen.

While this might seem terrifying, what helps to deal with this is belief that almost all that happens has a good side to it.

Belief in to abundance and that world is by nature good provide the basic sense of security. I mostly reinforce this belief in myself with simple practice: if I do good deeds, good things will happen to me. Karma.

All things have the good side and is a learning opportunity for very at least.

Sometimes still world catches us by surprise and when our core beliefs are in shape we are not rattled too much.

Today such event happened to me, after eight days of travelling I was heading to Arlanda airport and forgot my luggage to the train. When I realized this it awful as well as familiar: I’ve lost things before in the state of tiredness and travel.

Well although I wasn’t sure of the best way to proceed I quickly figured it out and got my luggage from the end station. All was well and it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, just a minor annoyance, a bump in the road.

This event just reminded me that anything might happen at any time. I am grateful,accepting and forgiving all the time.

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