Listening to Improve Our Will and Focus

Today as I was reading upon Road Less Travelled by Dr. Scott M. Peck I got reminded again of the importance of listening.

Deep listening does take effort. I remember when I was first listening Jari Sarasvuo speaking and even with all focus I could muster most of what he said didn’t seem to click or connect in my understanding. I still feel like I learned a lot and I wrote down as much notes as I could. I still hold have the notes and through them I can partially recall points he made.

After the lecture I was amazed also that some people who didn’t seem to put much effort in listening seemed to be disappointed.

Although becoming great speaker and thinker is a one thing, to get anything we would need to become great listeners as well because only in the combination with thinking for example we can start to cocreate something greater.

Listening takes effort, however exactly through that effort you will develop greater capacity for other cognitive skills such as attention and focus as well.

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