Find Your Hell Yes

I havent so far found more effective tool for decision making than the “if it’s not hell yed, then it’s no” -phrase. Essentially if you hesitate ask yourself the question and move on.

This leaves out the excuses not to do something you want to do and focuses your efforts to do it.

Note that this cannot be used to all life, but rather to the hesitant moments. In July which is my summer vacation month my life has four hell yes decisions so its about one per week.

I think one per week would be rather optimal life to be exciting, however it’s also challenging to reach that. In my current life I guess I will be happy to have even one per month and then one per week would be something to work towards.

To what do you want to day hell yes to?

I have learned one thing in my profession in saöes and marketing and its the importance of prospecting! In personal life this means introspecting values, people and activities that make you energized, that help you develop qualities that you would lime to have and then working to find such opportunities everyday and every week.

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