Challenge Yourself and Survive

Challenging yourself is difficult without the aid of others. Today as I walked 23k steps with little sleep and as a background having had another 20k steps plus standing, jumping and partying at a concert.

When I was walking today I recalled that I probably hadn’t had so tiring feeling in my feet since I was in the army.

Conclusion: we want to stay in the comfort zone so bad.

I remember when we were marching, the lieutenants in army used to come up every once in a while and ask how we are feeling. Of course they were observing as well our both physical and mental condition. I was about twenty years old then. For myself I didn’t have such capacity, I was too impatient.

In the present moment I have got a bit further because I am able to observe objectively my thoughts and emotions as well to have kind attitude towards both skillful and unskillful thoughts and emotions.

The time between these two points is ten years.

To attempt to describe life back and now, it seems I am growing more concussions with both experience and practice.

The big learning thought: it’s hard to challenge oneself too much as long as it is if its progressive and there is sufficient rest and knowledge of imagined limits. 

3 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself and Survive

    1. Good perspective, it’s not like I had a x numver of steps in mind or even that Im gonna walk some particular distance. The challenge here came from the choice to walk and sometimes exploring by walking can amount to something ridiculous like this.

      First time I recall having looked forward to 13 hours in a bus just to know that I dont need walk hehe.

      Challenge of course comes from testing your own perceived limits once in a while.

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