Why Do You Do What You Do?


Yesterday evening I decided to clarify my vision after a long time and it was about time, because in fact I just had a starting point, not really a clear vision. Now I’ve a bit clearer picture, yet it could use more details and all the nice things.

Even more so was alarming that today I caught myself asking “why do I need to buy apartment again?”

For me the pressure to get my own place again stems from the need to continue my life after breakup.

This time I decided to think “what I am doing again” and “why.”  I tried to use the five why’s, which is great, however I noticed it was not in this case a perfect. Still using the questions and Socratic method got me quite far and I am rather satisfied with it.

So now, I began to get a bigger picture: next move depends on what I want to do as well as the why. Positive side of the pressure to do something is the freedom to figure out creative solutions.

From the birds eye perspective, the short term pain is acceptable, because I know that the long term why is being fulfilled.

So perhaps this questioning exercise of asking why do you do what you want to do is something you might wanna try next time you feel under pressure or confused.

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