Only Others Can See What You Need to Level Up

Vuorikiipeilijä, Kiivetä, Kiipeilylajeista At times there is a need to level up. Sometimes, you need a special person to point that out, to give the spark for just that.

Leveling up in life happens in bursts. Like a bonfire, you need something to burn first. For me and in my life, I’ve probably collected lots of stuff to burn. Yet what was missing the spark. Therefore I am extremely grateful to Stephanie who made this possible for me at this point in life to recognize such an need which I was completely unaware of.

Stephanie pointed out to me, that I could use some confidence. As intuitive and reflective person, I do pickup on this kind of meaningful feedback keenly and you could say that through the two days I vigorously reflected my thoughts to journal.

As a conclusion I understood human needs a bit better: Only someone else can give you what you need, and sometimes it’s tiny and meaningful hints like these that change the whole game. My horizons have broadened since then, actually proper metaphor would be that my eyes have been opened again after two years of walking blind (and of course occasionally walking to the right direction).

Now I’ve understood that in order to keep my courage at a high level, I need to constantly keep challenging myself. Therefore I happened to combine a want with a challenge: now I’ve a one way ticket to Paris, where my first plan is to see the Coldplay concert. This is a perfect opportunity for me to see how far I can go and with how little.

Life is about constant prioritization of multiple goals at the same time and to make that happen requires handling and clearing progressively harder challenges. I haven’t had enough progression lately on meaningful goals lately, so thanks to the feedback I’ve understood to fix that. It’s time to challenge myself and level up, in order to help others grow more (by the way this is the definition of love by Dr. Scott M. Peck as I mentioned in previous article).

Thank you Stephanie!



P.s. On a bigger scale, as an inspiration I remembered today that Elon Musk had a challenge to live with less than a dollar a day. Perhaps that could be something to try in a year. Just to see if I can do it of course.

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