Three Things That Make Healthy Opportunism Happen


Few days ago I wrote about Healthy Opportunism, which was a rather short story. However, now to open up a bit more the healthy side of the opportunism.

First of all, people who prepare to be in the moment; put a lot of effort to be there. Already that effort makes a huge difference between people.

By a lot of effort I mean things like:

  • Ability to seriously delay gratification
  • Proactively creating chances for tomorrow
  • Mindfulness, the ability to be present and skillfully master oneself in order to be present

When these kind of things are in check, we can start to begin to discuss about healthy opportunism. It’s about having and following a plan, but being able to prepare to toss the plan away when even a better chance happens to come across.

It’s like pursuing a goal, yet not getting fixated upon the goal, because in the end is not the goal we seek, but something in the direction of the goal, which may be even a greater summit we couldn’t see before.

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