Growth is About Capacity to Love


 Love is the unrelenting desire to nurture oneself in order to help others grow. The thought of Dr. Scott M. Peck.

For me this is probably the third game changer definition. Two earlier ones are:

  • The decision to try the beliefs of others, as I recognized that maybe I am not the first one to have pondered about these things.
  • Whatever I am rich or not doesn’t matter as long as my mind is arid. Therefore riches are in the mind. This is what ever riches one is looking for.

All of these three thoughts have to do with the growth. However, the love makes the story all the more beautiful.

Of course neither I, or Dr. Peck is talking about romantic love, although the love that he is describing is essentially extending the ability to love to everyone and to yourself foremost so that you would have so much capacity to love.

Love is a leadership innovation. There is no better way to lead an team or organization than through love.

With love everyone and everyone grows.

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