Being Present Under Pressure

Life starts to be fun once you have the ability to enjoy each moment as it comes.

Each moment will present you with the challenge of finding something positive in it. In the end all events will make you stronger if not physically at least mentally and spiritually.

I was reminded of this last night as I bumped my feet to the corner of bed. Otherwise this isn’t dramatic, but it was the exactly same spot which I had injured earlier the other day. So now I had to adjust with new reality that I had again a bleeding feet.

Sometimes these minor or more major events requires us to calm down and adjust with the new reality. The only reality.

Dealing with it skilfully means strength and joy. The reason why we might suffer is because we still hang on to the previous sense of reality which simply is false now that the new reality took over.

The more quickly we can accept the present circumstances and see their value to the whole story the easier the life becomes to enjoy.

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