Attention is Our Might


Deep down, we crave for attention. Attention is the currency of love and power.

What makes life so difficult, is that we do not recognize our own might. We crave something, which makes fools of ourselves in the process.

We do not need the titles of kings and queens, gods or goddesses to have such like powers. When we are given life, we are destined to become the creators of our lives. This creation begins which the consciousness and ability to choose how to respond to that feedback which life constantly gives us.

The cognitive ability to choose our emotional response what makes human.

What will be the definition of homo sapiens? We can still influence this. Will it be the being who found the way, or lost the way?

How you will use your attention, will contribute to this definition and to the story of our species. Recognizing that all the power is in the present moment and how you will use each moment will determine everything.

We should direct majority of our attention to the present moment, because that is the source of our love and power. When we love ourselves, we become more lovable. When we do good to others, they will want to reciprocate.

World is abundant place when we start to see everything that is available in the present moment.

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