Worshiping the Basics Brings Results


Masters Worship the basics.

Doing the basic things at very high level is the sign of a master. True masters know the basics are the foundation of everything and they must be taken care of. Without the foundation anything cannot be built.

Judo master Jigoro Kano exemplifies this spirit very well, as the story goes that he asked to be buried with white belt.

How does the basics become holy, so that we may worship it?

It’s with practice and learning with feedback. We should do, and the action should provide feedback. Doing together with others is greater, it makes the learning faster and collected.

There is a one more feedback channel that the professionals use: it’s a coach. The purpose of a coach: to provide feedback and point out the important basics.

True mastery is driving opening up mind and training it for creativity, so that the mind can absorb and understand as much as possible about the basics.

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