Goodwill Balance


What I love about Buddhist philosophy is the thought of building incredible goodwill.

Aristotles had similar ideas: if everybody would compete in virtue, we all would get the best of everything.

Whatever it is virtue of ancient Greece, or the good deeds of Buddhism or any other culture I am fascinated by the human desire to be good.

Good and bad in the end have the same potential. However, what I think is right: when we feel accepted, contributing and fulfilling life, we naturally want to be good towards others as well. We have the need to share.

The thing about Buddhist philosophy is, to train the mind to let go of most of things and then sort of delay the gratification indefinitely. Well delay might be wrong choice of words, since it also involves enjoying what is in the present, enjoying to like the simple things that are present in life.

Equipped with a mind that has few wants and all the needs fulfilled, is a happy mind. And happy mind wants to share and see others prosper as well. That kind of mind seeks to fulfill the needs of others to the best of their ability.

All the good in life does in the end happens when we live through the virtues and build a solid goodwill balance.

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