Use the Moment to Your Advantage


There are days, when even though we wake up, our minds remain half as sleep.

It’s during these days as well, we might not be at our best, yet our schedule does not really make it easy on us.

Today I had one of those days: bell rang in the middle of the deepest sleep and even though I used every line of wisdom of waking up early, my brain resisted big time. Well it didn’t take long for me to actually wake up too.

During the day I noticed that although I had gotten up my mind really hadn’t. My thought lagged.

However, after I had got myself up and running I didn’t let this become an excuse for me for not doing things. I understand full well that the only right time to do things is right now.

With thoughts like these, I did clear a bunch of work and hurdles right from the bat and continue to do so even now during the evening. What helped me to clear the hurdles in the day was to use my lagging brain to my advantage: I would get into the action before my mind would come up with the usual excuses, by the time my lagging brain had time to come up with excuses for not doing, I was already well over half done.

So taking advantage of the situation is a key. Every moment has their advantages despite seeming disadvantages.

Later the day I’ve struggled to actually get things which require more intense focus done, so now I changed the tactics: now I battle against clock.

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