Everything We Need is in the Moment



All words, sentences seem to be in way only partial truths. Therefore if we want to speak only the truth we would be quiet most of the time.

Despite their imperfections phrases are useful.

Everything we need is in the moment. More precisely everything we have is in the moment, therefore we should accept and embrace it. If we can do that, we feel happiness. Happiness is a skillset to accept the present, love yourself love the conditions that life has set upon you.

Happiness attracts happiness. To that which we focus, we get more of.

Acceptance leads to taking responsibility, responsibility leads to mastery. Mastery is unique human trait that makes life feel fulfilling, especially if combined with autonomy and purpose. Together these three unleash intrinsic motivation that allow us to become the masters of the moments. We rise beyond of expectations, time and mundane needs. We are able to satisfy needs at the highest of levels.

For further reading try the Drive by Daniel Pink, Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor or Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha.

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