Fulfilling the Needs at a Higher Level


Need is a feeling of lack. It’s important to separate the needs from the wants. You can’t have all what you want, but you can have all you need.

The thing isn’t even trying to figure out what all you need is, but to figure out what you can do to fill the needs of others at high levels.

In turn and in time, world will find ways to fulfill your needs as well. You will get what you ask.

I used to think needs a lot in through the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which is alright theory. However, later on I’ve learned a better framework from Jari Sarasvuo (and I don’t know where he learned this from):

Individual level



Communal level



Life level



However, this framework gives much better way at looking others and what their needs are. Everything starts from the individual level and finally when these needs are met we are able to live a fulfilling life. When we do have achieved fulfillment we want to share some of it with others.

We have different mixes of each of these levels. For some variation is buying different kinds of candies at store, while others have to go to backpack in a different continent to feel any sense of fulfillment.

With this framework of needs, it’s easier to spot what kind of needs they are and then try to understand the depth of the need in each category. Then we can better serve others and ourselves.

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