Gratefulness for the Present


As I happened to finish the Obstacle is the Way and listen the discussion / “interview” at the end of audiobook with Ryan and Tim Ferris, Ryan was saying that Marcus Aurelius wrote the meditations to himself.

I might’ve borrowed that book over ten years ago from library. Too bad, that often at that time I rarely read any books, so even that I did not have the focus to read. In any case, this is inspirational thought for me, because most of my life I’ve written just for me. Later on with this blog, I’ve tried to serve some specific people as well as myself, however I guess in the end the final meditations that I do come up with these are primarily for myself.

If they add value to others, that’s great! That’s more than expected.

My recent breakthrough thought has been the gratefulness of the present moment.

This thought appears as feelings such as: I love my work, I love my colleagues, I’ve strong sense of purpose, my life has meaning, etc.

There are moments where these feelings and thoughts are tested through the days and weeks, however I feel like my general mood has been really upbeat and I like that.

It’s the people in my life who make this possible. Mostly the community at work which is the foundation for most of my wellbeing. Even though I probably would be alright without that and I know I would be, I wouldn’t have the sense of thriving so strong as I’ve now.

Present is all we have, so learning to be grateful for what we

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