Review: Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday


Obstacle is the way is one of my new instant favorite books. Essentially the title gives a big clue what the book is about, however the content delivers and brings the perspectives to look the obstacle as the way.

Book highly draws its inspiration from Stoicism and people who have kind of applied these lessons in their lives.

I love the way of thinking, because I would rather see the positive over the negative whatever happens in life. This book certainly has plenty of examples on how exactly the adversity has been turned into success.

Key take away for me is concept of building the “inner citadel” for whatever life will throw, we must be prepared.

I listened the audio version mostly while jogging, so at this time I do not have much notes. However, it’s sufficient to say that I will be listening this again in the near future and probably several times, because it’s rather easy to listen to and there are always different angles to think about these things.

After reading or listening this book you may expect to be philosopher of action.

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