Life is Better than We Think


Through my practice with each day expectations and actual outcomes, the outcomes are no doubt better than my expectations. It’s easy to be afraid of the worst case, yet if the fear becomes crippling then that’s too much.

In the past, I guess due to this thinking style, I’ve chosen not to do many things and skipped several others so I know the crippling fear and anxiety very well.

With the expectation and outcome thinking tool, where I write each morning my expectation and after the day the outcome, I am creating myself evidence how many times I’ve been wrong. So far it has been always.

So now I’ve learned a bit question my own expectations and feelings: I am not my expectations.

On the other hand I’ve also learned to use the pessimistic thinking that finds the worst cases so easily, to recognize what might go wrong, then work everything I can do to prevent that and when I’ve done that I’ve to learn to let got of the anxiety and trust that as usual world is better place than I think.

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