When and By When


Everything gets done at some point, it’s up to you determine when and by when.

Personally I know that if I cannot answer both of these questions, I am not very likely going to do it. These are really good questions to see if I am really serious about it or not.

There are few habits I am really serious about, which I do not negotiate about. One is writing, I may be distracted some of the time, but when the time pressure hits I’ll always want to start to produce over any other options. This inclination towards action under pressure is what makes me think that I might actually become writer someday.

Recently I’ve noticed the same tendency in exercise, which I hope will keep up. In the recent days I’ve found ways to always finish my other routines in order to get around the same time out to exercise.

With some other stuff such as finding good investments, I’ve had hard time recently. There is no system in place which would allow me to identify a good investment. I’ve the rule to identify 100 prospects for 10 candidates and then close a deal. It’s good idea, yet it does not have the “by when” element which would get the stuff done.

What are you doing and by when?

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