Last of Freedoms


A thought that keeps coming to me more and more is that how happy I can choose to be. This thought comes from the realization that I’ve had that we can actually choose our emotional response. Victor Frankl wrote the Man’s Searching for a Meaning where he has been personally experimenting the limits of this sense of freedom which he calls last of our freedoms.

In cognitive behavioral theraphy there is as well the idea that often before emotion a thought occurs. When we can start to recognize the cycles of thoughts, emotions and action we can begin to see our life more objectively.

Last week I picked up this as a new mindfulness routine as well: I began to classify what kind of feelings the thoughts had behind them and this furthermore increased my inner awareness.

Thoughts and emotions which aren’t being noticed will only grow stronger, so it’s good to have the time to acknowledge them and try to understand what the emotions are telling us.

However, it’s also good to remember that we are not our thoughts, or we are not our emotions. Thanks to our consciousness we can choose to respond to these thoughts and emotions. We have the last call. Because of this choice, we can literally decide and that feels liberating.

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