You Are the Sum of Your Habits



I’ve chosen to give up many habits and try to transform them into a more suitable ones.

Then there are still some that I am struggling with. I.e. cutting down the meat from my diet has proven to be more difficult than I thought. Simply the alternatives often times are unattractive, difficult or plain tasting many times.

When dealing with habits, either quitting or starting a new one, it’s never just about the decision. Decision and the willpower to do it few times is okay. However, habit is not habit unless you start automatically do it… Even better sign would be that habit is not habit unless you feel bad for not doing it.

We are the collection of our habits. Literally almost any moment leverages some habit to save energy.

To become aware what kind of habits we are using would be the first step to transform our habits and more importantly to transform our life to a direction that would serve whole better.

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