Nature of Willpower


Although willpower sounds very powerful, it’s power within the context of making the change happen is rather momentary and fleeting. To make a more lasting change, we need to harness the power of more recurring forces, like habits and culture.

Willpower is however interesting phenomenon that can trigger very important changes. With willpower we can finally have the spark to do a thing we have been procrastinating. Right use of willpower, in the key moments is like pushing down the first domino. To make sure that the rest of the dominoes line up we need to be aware of the power of habits in our personal life and of culture on a more social level.

Willpower is momentarily force that cannot be sustained for very long. Like all conscious efforts, willpower drains a lot of energy and therefore it’s just a spark in the dark.

As we become aware of the energy system we are. We can understand our actual needs, and then we can use this willpower in the key moments: when the dominoes are lined up so to speak to have the maximum impact.

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