Repetitions Over Novelty


ruhr-area-722817_640.jpgMasters are really good at what do, because they handle the basics so well. They do not only know the basics, masters do and worship the basics.

With practice you become a master, and a master practices every day.

Key is your relationship to the basics. How to keep that novel? That’s what every leader struggles with. Leaders have to repeat the same things in a novel ways again and again.

Human mind is primed to recognize the familiar. Often I hear the untrained mind come up with comments such as “there wasn’t particularly anything novel there” or “I knew this already.” If there is a clock in the room showing wrong time. Many people will probably notice it right away. However, how many people are actually willing to put the clock into right time and running again? That’s exactly what leaders do. And you are the leader of yourself very at least.

Mastering any skill involves doing the basics at really high level. I.e. there are no sales tricks, it’s just the matter of mastering the whole process: prospecting, identiyfing needs, presenting, answering objections, closing the sale, getting re-sales and referrals.

Therefore whatever it is you do or are interested in doing, you’ve to find a ways to fall in love again with what you are doing. Work can be fun when you are mastering something!

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