3H of Learning

Often in learning there is a bit question about what to do and in what order. Well at first I had a little interest for this topic. However, one particular model about this topic that I did not really care about I’ve been using past two years: Hands -> Heart -> Head way.


Hands stand for the practical experience.

Heart means forming the connection and relation to the task.

Head means the intellectual side, of starting to actually understand what si going on.

The more I’ve got experience by doing, the more I’ve understood the importance of especially the hands and heart things. Hopefully in the future the head will also click! Just kidding.

Doing first is necessary to gain experience and build the bond with the task. Then when you’ve some context in which to apply the knowledge that becomes useful. You can start with surprisingly little knowledge to do work that is valuable.

Moreover, when you emphasize doing, bonding and learning in this order, you will find some place to attach the actual knowledge you learn. This makes learning much stickier and that is a big thing when it goes to learning.

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