What Separates Masters from Losers


avenue-2215317_640.jpgToday I was going through old coaching notes. One in particular struck me: the difference between masters and losers.

Master is someone who, takes the time and effort to master. Loser is someone who refuses to try and gives up.

In short there are three things that makes a masterful person:

  • Their relation to learning. If they do not know something, they will strive to learn.
  • Their relation to having. If they do not have something, they will earn it.
  • Their relation to being. If they are not something, they are willing to change.

These three points put me think, that there is indeed seed of greatness hidden here. That is about the choosing differently.

I.e. when I am not a great writer yet. Do I think “I am not great writer, therefore I give up” or do I think “I am not great writer yet, therefore I’ve to change, learn and earn my place?”

Think how do you respond to yourself when faced with a challenge. Is your self-talk that of a master or loser?

In the end you can choose your response if you so wish to do.

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