What Do You Need for Fulfilling Life?


Understand yourself: your needs, your strengths, where you are now. To find this out you will need to do quite a bit of introspection and assessing. This creates insight and understanding.

  • For needs, I found online pretty neat and quick self-assessment, which you can use or find another one. If you do find a better one please let me know as well 🙂
  • To understand strengths, asses them too. You can either reflect by yourself and create personal SWOT analysis. Or you could use tool like Clifton StrengthsFinder.
  • Where you are now, you can rank different parts of your life. I’ve been using the self-assessment by Steve Pavlina (2010) for years and I still do it about four times a year.

You can do these every year, every half year, every quarter or every month – whatever feels like good interval. I’ve whole folder for these personal development assessments so I can see how my life has been changing through the times.

Journal then further gives me deeper qualitative insight what has been going on particular days, weeks or months.

Fulfilling life requires deep understanding what are your needs and at what level they are being met. When you’ve this crystal clear, you will use your limited resources a lot better to meet those needs at highest possible levels. Or if you notice that it is not possible in this current life situation you can begin to leverage your strengths in the long term to work into a different position.

Insight to your own needs and strengths are the key. Remember, your needs are often met by other people. Fulfill the needs the needs of others at high levels and they will seek to fulfill yours.

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