Become the Protagonist of Your Story with Skillful Thinking


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On Thursday I wrote the You Are the Beginning of Your Story. There we observed the power of spontaneous thoughts to become stories that we tell to ourselves and to others. With mindfulness we can notice these stories.

In life we lack nothing. Yet, we may suffer. Why is this?  Present is constructed out of all this input (paste experiences, present sensory, future expectations etc.) in our minds. Unconscious overwhelms the conscious.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” – Buddha

Without the skillful conscious thought, no happiness last very long, no matter how much you’ve. On the other hand, if you are skillful in thought, you lack nothing.

In particular we need to be skillful in being present. There are needs and wants to be fulfilled, in order to feel truly happy. Well wants are not needed so we can forget about them. Wants are just the rather social constructs inside our minds.

Needs are deeper than that. We need water, we need oxygen, we need a meaning. Our minds are craving for meaning and that’s why it is so good at constructing narratives.

Our actions branch into three ways by each moment. In example an opportunity of courage, we could be either coward (lack the courage), reckless (has courage, but does not see consequences) or valiant (taking action despite of the fear). Then from these branching we get the equivalent emotional feedback, to further construct on the upcoming present moments…

We are constantly revising our internal narrative.

Narrative and needs are related. Narrative tells us what we can or cannot achieve, and that path we follow. That’s why you are the beginning of your story.

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