We Start with False Realities



Our minds are incredibly good in coming up with all kinds of bullshit and stories. For some they maybe more right than others…

Personally they’ve not done much good. I realized when I started what I first called project reality: to test my guesses about reality, right away I would’ve be proven wrong time after time. It turns out I wasn’t so right after all.

Thereafter I chose to test my sense of reality more often.

We start with these false realities and during our lifetimes, we may either work to get more accurate sense of the reality… Or not.

Yesterday when I started to meditate, I noticed a lot of thoughts. Then I started out of whim to recognize these thoughts and the core feeling they tried to convey. After doing it a while, I noticed that many of what I were feeling, were rather “negative.”

After I had been done with the meditation, I still continued the practice through the evening and even today. Recognizing thoughts, acknowledging emotions create the insight: where I am now, what I am feeling now. I am not my thoughts, emotions or feelings, but this is what I am experiencing.

Everything good starts to happen, once we have this insight about ourselves, and have the courage to talk about them. Then the world allies to help.

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