Virtues and Power


buddha-1742650_640.jpgToday we discussed the topic of power over lunch.

Power is intriguing, without it much doesn’t get done at all. Power can be felt threatening, or viewed as negative. Although the power in itself is very neutral, it’s all about the user after all.

From there we get to the virtues. Whatever power, has the two sides. Like the superhero comics: there are good guys and bad guys. Then rarely there are those random side characters that are rather chaotic neutral doing whatever happens to suit them.

In fact with any power, there is a choice. Often more than one.

Not all intentions lead to desired results: good intentions can be disastrous and even with ill intentions, one can fail to cause any harm. Power in itself is not good or bad, it’s all about how to use it responsibly.

Power is ability and freedom. With freedom comes the responsibility. We are prepared to wield power through our experiences. So therefore the experience is crucial. I.e. it’s past experiences that build the basis for Thomas Jefferson’s presidency.

Virtues are action, and striving. Combine the power, responsibility and virtues, there is nothing wrong with the power, instead it is harnessed for the good.

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