Introverted Clarity


snail-2245529_640.jpgToday I had a day with introverted clarity, I felt perfectly alright with just my thoughts. Even though sitting at open plan office, I managed to routine greet the people and then continue whatever what I was going through in my mind.

In fact I wasn’t capable of much else today, just too much to think about today, so I felt like extra socializing is just going to break the habit.

This evening as I was reflecting the day I thought to go through the notes from Susan Cain’s Quiet. I found interesting highlight: psychologist named Hans Eysenck hypothesized that human beings seek “ just right ” levels of stimulation.

For different days there are different levels of stimulation. Often in the end of the week I feel like I haven’t been able to process all the input so I would benefit from the calm, where as beginning of the week I am starting to gear up a bit for the week.

Quite simply I think introverted mode is all about quality, focus and clarity, while extroverted is all about action, quantity of interactions and connections.

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