[Book Review] Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence


Focus continues to be most interesting topic to me, because as I observe the world around me everyone seems to be buying more and more into distraction. I and probably you as well know intuitively that with focus we will get more work done. The reason I am interested in the books is because I am trying to find also more rational and scientifically based arguments for focus and that was my motivation to pick up this book by Daniel Goleman.

The book starts from individual point of focus and towards the end contemplates about the focus of organizations and systems. All of this is indeed linked, however it is enough to say that the book took a turn or two into unexpected territories.

My most valuable learning could be summarized: “the more our focus gets disrupted, the more poorly we do and the shallower our reflections are.”

As a book it does provide value and contemplate the topic of Focus as a hidden driver of excellence, yet I felt that it could’ve been more focused. 3/5 stars.

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