Learning Through Games


I’ve been avid gamer for as long as I can remember. In the recent years I’ve played less and less mostly because of the time and desire to contribute more meaningfully to the life at large.

Games are a wonderful way to learn and spend time, if the scope of the game is well aligned. Often the game worlds and objectives are not however.

Educational games often mean very dull and boring existence.

While the actually fun games are more based on simpler ideas. Some of these simpler ideas include a lot of destruction and mayhem, which in particular I do not care for so much. I do not enjoy the running around and shooting people to head – sort of thing much. Nor I do not enjoy the fantasy world where I have to slay all my opponents, and most of then final scenes are that of bloodbath. What remains after those games have been taken out? Well there are still plenty of candidates, however somehow also the most fun and interesting themes seem to be taken out.

Sport games and simulations are alright. I guess I can take even a bit of war setting if it has been shrouded as “greater good” as in Civilization, Europa Universalis or Master of Orion –types of strategy games.

Yet I wonder, where are the really fun and educational types of games?

I guess there is one really simple, yet effective example: Cashflow 101. It’s simple, online and replayable with very practical real world applications. Learning about finances through a game is brilliant. I wonder where are the continuations for this?

I’ve a gut feeling, that there is a big demand for educational games that are not educational, but rather they are made as smart and fun as games in general are. This post just scratches the surface of what there could be out there.

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