The Next Level


Reaching the next level either in organizations or personal life requires often paradigm shift, changing the way we think about something.

I am dealing with such paradigm shifts at the moment both personally and professionally at the moment; things where I think much greater results are within reach with the new kind of thinking.

Professionally it is the accumulation of roughly two and half year experience, coming now as a new understanding and belief what could be possible.

Personally the paradigm shift comes from the scale: the old way to do things brings the certain results, but since I want something different, it is time to start changing the action.

Basis in both are the same, changing the old behavior, because there is clear understanding that there are smarter ways to take on the action that transcends the old behaviors.

To different people the next level means different things, some go straight from one to ten or hundred, while others go from one to two. We all have our own path to go; our goal determine our paths. We should not change our goal, if we cannot right away meet it. Instead we should find the right questions to reach those goals.


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