Aligning the Mind


meditation-2214532_640.jpgThrough the busy days, a lot of thoughts, insights, fears, worries etc. tend to be buried in our minds. Thoughts that keep returning to our consciousness unless we acknowledge their existence.

During this year I haven’t been meditating regularly and I noticed that since I’ve fallen out of that habit I’ve become more prone to the stresses of life.

So I’ve now taken the time to get back into the habit of meditation in the morning and in the evening. Even starting with as little as five to ten minutes does wonders. Once the habit takes over, on times the sessions often take longer if necessary.

Past time eight years, I’ve found out that still the habit of regularly and consciously having the time and habit for the meditation is indeed the best. It’s easiest to stay aware, mindful about the thoughts and root out the unskillful thoughts when they are still their weakest. For this, to increase the mindfulness I guess it is skillful to align the mind through meditation in the morning and then in the evening to do a sort of quality check for the day.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thought.” – Buddha

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