Deep Priorities: Think Deeply Why You Do What You Do


Past week I’ve been deeply considering what I am doing and for what I am doing it. Organizing my priorities hasn’t never been so hard. I had to go through serious internal dialogue with myself to clarify why the order is this and not something else:

  1. Health
  2. Purpose (sustainable happiness)
  3. Close relationships
  4. Money
  5. Work

This has been some of the toughest thinking I’ve done, to determine is my purpose more important than the loved ones. Now I’ve reasoned with myself enough to say that, we have only one life and hopefully that is enough to fulfill that purpose. I think the loved ones are at times higher than ones own purpose, after all they are the ones who can pick up and carry on that purpose. However, when ever I can work towards my purpose, I should fulfill that task for the day and then after that one thing has been done I should serve the loved ones with all my heart.

After all, the meaning to life comes from purpose. So the order is a bit conditional on second and third, because sometimes third does serve the purpose better.

What is also new in this priority listing is that I finally realized that money has to be more important than work. Because money, existing money, hard earned money that is essentially the most valuable kind of money we have. We have to make that money work for us and spending time and energy to ensure that is way more important than actual work.

After all these things, comes work, the work to make all these first priorities work.  Some people succeed better at this than others. In particular those who put their purpose first and get paid for that. They can pretty much focus on the top three priorities.

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