Two Leverages in Our Life


Life is rather simple: what we do in present become the past tomorrow. These actions then stack up and build the both mental and physical palaces we habit tomorrow.

First leverage: TIME

We are in control of our present moment and in the present we can control how the future flows into the present. Calendar is one of the oldest ways to manage time. Important addition to the calendar is the personal priorities and personal mission.

Time is the most important and valuable leverage we have over our life. We’ve the choice how to use that time.

Next one week is 168 hours. We can spend an hour in a thing we love, what the world needs, what we are good at, or what we are paid for. There are several options to do or not to do in one hour. If we choose the path of action the Ikigai is a good way to think about time the time as well:


(Image 1, Ikigai)

Let’s say we have one hour and we spend one in each four circles alone. That amounts to four hours of our life. Is it wise way to use our own time that’s for us to determine.

However, what I’ve learned recently it is in fact the ability to make as many circles overlap as possible that starts to make the life feel meaningful.

For example my next 168 hours looks like I am going to spend 89 % of the time sleeping, working, commuting and writing. Most of that time overlaps with my passion, love and vocation. If I am not good at what I do, at least I am getting better. I am quite satisfied with this time spend. Almost all the rest of the time goes to the important relationships I’ve.

How does your next 168 hours look like and do you like what you see? What purpose your upcoming week does serve?

Second leverage: CAPABILITY

Second leverage is our capability for action in the present moment. We can invest in our energy, knowledge, strength and ability in the future, by practice and exercise in the present.

As an asset our bodies are rather irreplaceable and our minds are supercomputer class. Except unlike supercomputers, our minds are carried with us everywhere, highly mobile and adaptable to our interests. On top of this our minds can leverage those actual supercomputers if we so wish to do. And through the means of language we are also connected to other humans, which is in a sense a network of supercomputers. In fact the relationship between two people can become so much more than just two separate supercomputers. Napoleon Hill described that the two people or more forms also a third mind, so called mastermind.


Especially because of the second point, I am always interested in discussing and talking, and connecting with new people. Send me a message (jhapiiroinen[ät] or leave a comment below. We can chat, or make a Google hangout. 

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