Energy First


I’ve been struggling with my life past few days and as a consequence I haven’t really had a spark to do anything. Then I decided to listen to myself and prioritize the one thing: rest to get the energy back up.

That was two days ago and today surprisingly I hit an energy spike after work to do extra chores around the house which is in the normal routines would be very rare.

I thought this is pretty cool: to have energy to do this kind of things. Although that’s just a spike, I asked myself could this be possible more often? Probably I wouldn’t still have energy to do it every day but on some days yeah sure it is. All I need to do is prioritize the rest first, then put the energy to something that creates more energy like exercise, healthy diet, cleaning and that kind of things.

Prioritizing the life like that, for the rest is the challenge. I’ve quite often prioritized the needs of others above my own. I’ve stretched for others, yet I haven’t kept my own priorities straight.

When the energy comes first, there is ability to do the work that is required in a focused manner. Everything else is just unimportant distraction. I am describing the pareto principle here… Which I need to start applying more and more.

What work brings most of your results?

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